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The Name

The French Bulldog logo is in remembrance of the founder’s beloved pet and companion. The BoBaPoP brand was founded in 2013 from the idea of bringing the most popular beverage from Taiwan to Vietnam. Today, more than 200+ stores have opened around the world. The first USA location opened in Gaithersburg, Maryland (Kentlands community) in 2018 and the second USA location opened in San Gabriel (LA), California in 2019.

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The Ingredients

What you get in your cup of BoBaPoP is premium tea leaves from Taiwan, Vietnam and India. Many of the toppings are made in-house, with lactose-free, caffeine-free and gluten-free options that are healthy and delicious.

We source local fresh ingredients regularly with industry-leading filtered water to achieve the highest quality drinks.


The Brewing Process

With each tea drink, we slow brew the tea leaves to extract the tea essence and aroma. By using industry-leading water filtration and aeration technology, the moment you get your drink, it is with the highest level of antioxidants.


The Community

We’ve formed a partnership with Nourish Now and provide drinks to the local underserved population in the DC metro area. Nourish now is a local non-profit food bank that provide food recovery and logistics to benefit needy children, families, the elderly, as well as shelters, food pantries, and other organizations working to end hunger.

The Love

We love:

  • brewing fresh tea in an open kitchen.

  • providing top-notch service.

  • customizing your drinks with your preference of sweetness and ice.

  • using real fruit in many of our fruit teas.

  • creating our milk foam with zero sugar and just a pinch of Himalayan salt.