Advocating Sustainable Solutions

We are constantly exploring new and sustainable ways to reduce our environmental impact. Here are what we've done so far:

Stainless Steel Straws: These reusable and premium food-grade straws are now available for purchase in-store for $5 each set.

  • Premium food grade stainless steel material (grade 316 stainless steel) - higher corrosive resistance than common 304 stainless steel straws found on Amazon and other stores. Therefore we have a limited quantity of these sets.
  • Each set consists of a straw wide enough for bubbles, an angled tip for going through seals easily (though not sharp enough to ensure safety) and a cleaning brush.

Freshly Brewed Tea: We brew our drinks fresh and on demand, rather than in large batches and thrown away that are commonly done. Our process results in little to no waste.

Energy-Saving LED bulbs: All of our lighting are equipped with eco-friendly low-energy use LED bulbs. Furthermore, our bathroom, storage and break area are all equipped with motion-sensing lights for energy saving.

Sustainable Paper Supply: Our toilet paper comes from sustainable forest sources. The paper towels we use are made out of 100% recycled fiber.

2 & 4 Cup Holders: Our 2 & 4 cup holders made with recycled and post-consumer content. These are sturdy, reusable and recyclable.

Hot drinks sleeves: Our hot drinks are HOT! But with our recycled and enviornment-friendly cup sleeves, you don't have to worry.

Sample cups: We love sharing samples, so we use recyclable sample cups. Sample away!

We are just getting started - sustainable technologies are often cost-prohibitive for small businesses and don't always work as well as the technologies they replace. However we are in contact with several local vendors in the US and international vendors in Taiwan, Vietnam and Europe about doing more - stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate.